Our Story.

Dive into the chapters that have shaped Aqua Morada, and join us as we continue crafting stories with every stitch, celebrating the spirit of confident, free-spirited women who dare to be different.

Our Beginnings

Love Among Waves

Founded by Gily and Alfredo, a couple whose love story began amidst Puerto Rico's enchanting beaches, Aqua Morada stands as a vibrant celebration of their love, passion, and deep connection to water. Gily, a free-spirited fashion enthusiast, and Alfredo, always ready for beach adventures, embarked on life’s journey with boundless wanderlust.

Pursuing a Dream

From Beach Love to a Swimwear Dream

In 2014, their travels and profound love for their beach lifestyle sparked the idea of creating their own swimwear. They entered the world of fabrics, swimwear design, and acquired a camera to begin this dream. With Gily already owning a small boutique, they both envisioned this venture as a perfect complement.

Reviving the Dream

Fulfilling the Journey

An unexpected opportunity led them to relocate to the US, momentarily pausing their entrepreneurial endeavors. Life unfolded in this new setting, and as they traveled and explored diverse places, they realized how much they missed their connection to the water, sun, and tropics. In essence, they needed to revisit and complete their Aqua Morada journey. Now the adventure continues, filled with love, passion, and the vibrant spirit that started it all.